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The first line of code of Gamalto was written in 2012. In two years it has grown a lot but this framework was missing a real website for valorizing all the work done on it and for teaching developers how to use it. This website is now here and will continue its evolution to provide as much as information and tools possible.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 20:47

At last! After some years of bad looking website and slow development of the Gamalto framework, I finally decide to create a new design and publish some articles on how to create good old 2D video games. But I'm sure none of you knows about Gamalto, right? Right... so... let's introduce it then... This should explain why I have only 2 followers on Twitter right now.

Well, Gamalto is a not so new lightweight and modular JavaScript video games framework, born in September 2012, which provides some basic components for Web game development. Basic in that some of these components are just base objects to create more sophisticated objects. It was done mainly as an experimentation tool but I decided to publish the code hoping it will be useful to someone.

It is still under development but yet featured many great tools you will find in no other framework or game engine. It has no external dependencies and as it is modular, you can easily compose your own version removing useless components to produce a yet lighter version!

I wanted this framework classic gaming-oriented this is why you will find that support for indexed color images (with color cycling!), binary files, or memory streams have been added. But Gamalto is not limited to these exclusive features. Thus, you will also find classic functions like timer, synchronous event, scrolling, sprite sheet, assets loader, sound manager and so on. So go get it and start evaluating.

Hopefully you will find this website and Gamalto useful!
Enjoy and happy coding!

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